The Center Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship 

The Center Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund was designed to perpetuate the values important to Dr. Amy Kahn, her family, and her mother Charlene Center Kahn Berman. The purpose of the fund is to award scholarships to students who have demonstrated advocacy for, or commitment to, diversity, equity, and inclusion and/or students with a psychological or physical disability. 

Tai Marker, Pikes Peak State College Photo of Tai Marker

I have overcome many challenges and setbacks in my lifetime, and I believe the experiences I endured gave me strength, wisdom, a strong sense of self, and the ability to face difficult situations head on. I have been able to develop patience, perseverance, discipline, and innumerable other ethics, values, and virtues that greatly benefit me in life, especially regarding school and will continue to benefit me in my career. As a student I am relentless in my pursuit of knowledge and being successful in school – my academic performance during this degree is evidence of that and motivates me to continue.