Guidelines for Marketing and Advertising

SP 8-60a

EFFECTIVE: June, 1993
REVISED: February 21, 1994
REVISED: July 1, 1997
RETITLED: September 14, 2000
RETITLED: August 25, 2001
REVISED: May 22, 2002
REVISED: December 8, 2021

REFERENCE: Board Policy (BP) 8-60, Delegation of Signature Authority


/ Joe Garcia /
Joseph A. Garcia, Chancellor


This procedure applies to the Colorado Community College System, including its Colleges (CCCS or System).


  1. Pursuant to System Procedure (SP) 9-20a, Service Area Principles and Guidelines, marketing and advertising are not limited to a College’s service area, but collaboration is encouraged in areas of overlap.
  2. Informational inserts and schedules may be distributed in a service area through newspapers and/or bulk mailing, whichever is more cost efficient.
  3. Public service announcements are encouraged and should/will be explored.
  4. Individual Colleges are encouraged to use current traditional and digital marketing and advertising platforms to reach targeted audiences.
  5. Colleges may purchase newspaper, magazine or periodical ads (print or online) for marketing, advertising and publication needs.
  6. Discretion should always be used in deciding content of marketing and advertising. Informational materials are encouraged. Comparison/directly competitive copy against other CCCS Colleges is discouraged.
  7. Consortium marketing and advertising, such as Metro or Rural Colleges, is highly recommended and should be explored for reasons of cost efficiencies and impact.
  8. Colleges are encouraged to look for authentic ways to integrate equity and inclusion issues and diverse populations into stories, written materials, websites, and all other communications.

Revising this Procedure

CCCS reserves the right to change any provision or requirement of this procedure at any time and the change shall become effective immediately.