Service Area Principles and Guidelines

SP 9-20a

EFFECTIVE: January 1, 1992
RETITLED: September 14, 2000
RETITLED: August 25, 2001

REFERENCE: Board Policy 9-20, Academic Master Planning


/ Dorothy A. Horrell /
S/ Dorothy A. Horrell
System President


This procedure applies to state system community colleges.


Service Principles and Guidelines


  1. It is important for community colleges to develop the strongest possible positive relationships with all constituents within the geographic region they serve.
  2. Quality and customer service should be in the forefront as institutions respond to needs and opportunities.
  3. Colleges should collaborate when and where appropriate.


  1. Recruiting and marketing are not limited to the service area, but collaboration is encouraged in areas of overlap.
  2. The System president will designate one community college as a point of contact for each public school district superintendent.
  3. Service area clearance forms will continue to be used for credit generating courses and programs outside the service area.
  4. Service area clearance forms will be used for non-credit or contract offerings, (including customized industry training) outside the service area. This is the mechanism for two institutions to negotiate terms and revenue issues prior to the delivery of the offerings.
  5. RFP processes will be open to all community colleges. Professional courtesy requires notification to the president of the college located within the service area of the organization distributing the RFP at the point when a decision is made to develop a proposal. Collaboration in responding to RFPs is encouraged.
  6. Dispute resolution will be undertaken through a joint meeting of college presidents with the System President. The decision of the System President will be final.