U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez was at Front Range Community College in Westminster (FRCC) today in-part to announce a $25 million grant to a consortia of nine higher-ed institutions across Colorado focused on developing a pipeline of skilled advanced manufacturing workers (FRCC is the lead college in the consortia). Specifics then news release follow (institutions in blue belong to the Colorado Community College System):

  • Front Range Community College
  • Consortium Leader
  • Award Amount: $9,925,073
  • Total Consortium Award Amount: $24,945,310
  • Consortium members: Aims Community College ($2,106,296), Community College of Denver ($3,534,061), Emily Griffith Technical College ($417,734), Lamar Community College ($1,092,663), Pikes Peak Community College ($2,307,859), Pueblo Community College ($1,656,914), Red Rocks Community College/WarrenTech ($1,946,047), Metropolitan State University of Denver ($1,958,663)
  • Industry focus: Advanced Manufacturing

Front Range Community College is launching the Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturing Program. CHAMP’s partners will increase the attainment of manufacturing degrees and certificates that align with the industry’s recognized competencies, skills and certifications to create a pipeline of highly-qualified advanced manufacturing industry workers. CHAMP will redesign credit for prior learning allowing TAA-eligible students to accelerate toward degree and credential attainment. The colleges will add industry-driven content to the manufacturing program and redesign several courses for online/hybrid delivery.

Projects Archive and Documentation Badges

Colleges and Contacts in the Consortium

Aims Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Bruce Beardsley Project Manager bruce.beardsley@aims.edu(970)339-6265
Jeff Smith Dean, Leadership Team jeffery.smith@aims.edu(970)339-6253
Tiffany Brickley Staff Associate tiffany.brickley@aims.edu(970)339-6449
Stephanie Staudacher Business Outreach Coordinator stephanie.staudacher@aims.edu(970)339-6411
Sedge Southworth Navigator sedge.southworth@aims.edu(970)378-3512
John Mangin Faculty for curriculum development john.mangin@aims.edu(970)339-6413
Melody Johnson Fiscal melody.johnson@aims.edu(970)339-6619
Laura DaVinci Grants office laura.davinci@aims.edu(970)339-6508
Lee Ann Sappington Data coordination leeann.sappington@aims.edu(970)339-6223
Laura Lewis Data coordination laura.lewis@aims.edu(970)339-6516
Community College of Denver
Name Title Contact Email
Matthew Sweeney Project Manager/Internship Coordinator matthew.sweeney@ccd.edu(303)352-3144
Tim Huggins Navigator timothy.huggins@ccd.edu(303)352-6936
Nicki Kravcisin Data Specialist nicki.kravcisin@ccd.edu(303)352-3280
Tony Rubino Faculty for curriculum development  anthony.rubino@ccd.edu(303)853-9517
Stephanie Woodruff Fiscal stephanie.woodruff@ccd.edu(303)352-3001
EGTC, Emily Griffith Technical College
Name Title Contact Email
Jody Allen Smith CHAMP Manager jody.allen.smith@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-8994
Michael Bevis Dean of Trades & Industry & Professional Studies michael.bevis@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-8996
Lea Monette Department Assistant, Trades & Industry & Professional Studies lea.monette@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-8972
Chuck Sugent Manager - Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory & Customized Training chuck.sugent@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-8978
Ryan Thomas Welding Faculty Lead ryan.thomas@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-8985
Tim McMahon Instructional Designer tim.mcmahon@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-4865
Jim Fraser CAD/BIM Instructor jim.fraser@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-8974
Travis Peterson Fiscal travis.peterson@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-4853
Denise Bender IR denise.bender@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-4817
Front Range Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Ruth Meese Project Lead CHAMP Project ruth.meese@frontrange.edu(303)678-3698
Matt Jamison Dean of Instruction matt.jamison@frontrange.edu(303)678-3845
Carol Fiol Director Resource Development-Senior Grant Administrator carol.fiol@frontrange.edu(970)204-8441
Lynn Vosler Director, Corporate Solutions  lynn.vosler@frontrange.edu(970)214-3362
George Newman Machining Program Director  george.newman@frontrange.edu(970)227-8230
 Nicole Gervace Advanced Manufacturing Program Coordinator  nicole.gervace@frontrange.edu(303)678-3794
Diana Montealegre Instructional Designer diana.montealegre@frontrange.com(303)678-3795
Samantha Larson Research Analyst samantha.larson@frontrange.edu(303)914-6124
Gloria Edwards Administrative Assistant  gloria.edwards@frontrange.edu(303) 678-3796
Jennifer Fyhrie Navigator jennifer.fyhrie@frontrange.edu(303)678-3791
Larry Hartman Faculty larry.hartman@frontrange.edu(970)678-3793
George Deeb Faculty george.deeb@frontrange.edu970)678-3798
Joseph Vigil Fiscal joseph.vigil@frontrange.edu(303) 404-5548
Lamar Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Curtis Turner  Project Manager curtis.turner@lamarcc.edu(719)688-8860
Kelli Gaines Alternate Lead kelli.gaines@lamarcc.edu(719)336-1523
Cheryl Sanchez Alternate Lead cheryl.sanchez@lamarcc.edu(719)336-1516
Susan Frankel Navigator susan.frankel@lamarcc.edu(719)336-2248
Doug Cash Faculty for curriculum development doug.cash@lamarcc.edu(719)336-6641
Aubrie Humburg Fiscal aubrie.humburg@lamarcc.edu(719)336-1571
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Name Title Contact Email
Project Manager
Mingli He Alternate Lead 1 & Faculty he@msudenver.edu(303) 556-2975
Sharon Simpson Navigator sfields@msudenver.edu>(720) 201-1985
Jesse Sfetsas Program Associate jsfetsas@msudenver.edu(303) 352-4984
Devi Kalla Faculty & Instructional Design dkalla@msudenver.edu(303) 556-2977
William Carver Lab Coordinator wcarver1@msudenver.edu(720) 347-7771
Charlotte Stone Fiscal stonec@msudenver.edu(303) 556-5007
Pikes Peak Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Jason Nahrgang Project Manager jason.nahrgang@ppcc.edu(719) 502-3036
Linda Rains Navigator linda.rains@ppcc.edu(719) 502-2316
Grant Administrator
Stephanie Snyder CPL Portfolios and Separated Military Specialist stephanie.snyder@ppcc.edu(719) 502-2312
Rich Rayborn CPL Active Military Specialist richard.rayborn@ppcc.edu(719) 502-3297
Jason Nahrgang Military and Workforce Outreach Coordinator jason.nahrgang@ppcc.edu(719) 502-3036
Janet Colvin CHAMP CPL Specialist janet.colvin@ppcc.edu(719) 502-2075
Michele Koster Faculty for curriculum development michele.koster@ppcc.edu(719) 502-3245
Brenda Lauer Fiscal brenda.lauer@ppcc.edu(719) 502-2403
Patricia Diawara Institutional Research patricia.diawara@ppcc.edu(719) 502-2037
Pueblo Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Amy Rye Project Lead amy.rye@pueblocc.edu(719) 549-3156
Jennifer Sherman Alternate Lead jennifer.sherman@pueblocc.edu(719) 549-3322
 OPEN Administrative Assistant
Rachel Brown Navigator rachel.brown@pueblocc.edu(719)549-3157
Geri Koncilja Curriculum Designer geri.koncilja@pueblocc.edu(719)549-3054
Paula McPheeters Fiscal paula.mcpheeters@pueblocc.edu(719) 549-3484
Cheryl Anderson Grants office cheryl.anderson@pueblocc.edu(719) 549-3244
Corey Shilling IR corey.shilling@pueblocc.edu(719) 549-3195
Red Rocks Community College
Name Title Contact Email
Pam Packer Project Manager pamela.packer@rrcc.edu(303)914-6753
Kelly Circle Alternate Lead kelly.circle@rrcc.edu(303)914-6213
Sarah Ohle Data Coordinator sarah.ohle@rrcc.edu(303)914-6753
Joe Martin Faculty for curriculum development jrmartin@jeffco.k12.co.us(303)982-8563
Jennifer Austin Fiscal jennifer.austin@rrcc.edu(303)914-6225
Tim Griffin Institutional Reporting tim.griffin@rrcc.edu(303)914-6516
Donna Welschmeyer Instructional Designer donna.welschmeyer@rrcc.edu(303)914-6754
CCCS, System Office
Name Title Contact Email
Casey Sacks Program Director casey.sacks@cccs.edu(720)858-2841
Bitsy Cohn CPL Coordinator bitsy.cohn@cccs.edu(720)858-2883
Brenda Perea Instructional Design Project Manager brenda.perea@cccs.edu(720)858-2855
Katherine Woodmansee Instructional Designer katherine.woodmansee@cccs.edu(720)858-2857
Jinnie Chieppo Instructional Designer jinnie.chieppo@cccs.edu(720)858-2858
Marilyn Smith Navigator/Outreach Coordinator marilyn.smith@cccs.edu(720)858-2328
Ian Burke Data Coordinator ian.burke@cccs.edu(720)858-2268
Cynthia Hoeppner Administrative Assistant cynthia.hoeppner@cccs.edu(720)858-2867
Laura Speaker Fiscal laura.speaker@cccs.edu(720)858-2745
CHAMP Fiscal located at FRCC
Name Title Contact Email
Jose Giardiello Acct. Coordinator I FRCC.CWGrantRestrictedFunds@frontrange.edu(303) 404-5489
Andrea Salazar Acct. II CHAMP grant bao.xiong@frontrange.edu(303) 404-5345
Bao Xiong Senior Restricted Funds Accountant andrea.salazar@frontrange.edu(303) 404-5674
Leadership Team
Name Title Contact Email
Stacey Bibik Machining employer sb@stacytool.com(303) 465-3922 (main)
Pete Neidecker Machining employer pneidecker@mountainsidemedical.com(303) 530-0110 (main)
Shannon Lind Welding employer slind@hpweldingsup.com(720) 285-7007
Robert Krum Welding employer robert.krum@airgas.com(719) 336-4439 (store)
Paul Harter Engineering graphics employer paulh@aquahot.com(303) 651-5500 (main)
Gina Nance Electro-mechanical Employer gnance@gcc.com(719) 647-6800 (main)
Dave Jeffrey Manufacturing Employer djeffrey@jpmprototype.com(719) 522-9592
Tim Heaton CAMA representative tim.heaton@co-cama.org(720) 274-9776
Tom Bugnitz CAMT representative tbugnitz@camt.com(303) 592-4087 (main)
Aleta Sherman CAMT alternate asherman@camt.com(303) 981-7870 (main)
Stephanie Veck CWDC representative Stephanie.Veck@state.co.us(303) 318-8113 (main)
Emily Lesh CWDC alternate emily.lesh@state.co.us(303) 318-8113 (main)
Ben Nesbitt Director of Skilled Trades in CTE at CCCS ben.nesbitt@cccs.edu(303) 595-1614
Judy Emery Colorado Urban Workforce Alliance (CUWA) jemery@arapahoegov.com
Steve Chorak Pueblo Workforce Center Rep steven.chorak@state.co.us(719) 562-3742
Dave Griffin Rural Workforce Center Rep david.griffin@state.co.us(303) 318-8855
Linda Curran FRCC VP linda.curran@frontrange.edu(303) 678-3620
Linda F. Comeaux RRCC VPI linda.comeaux@rrcc.edu(303) 914-6402
Lisa Donaldson PPCC VP lisa.donaldson@ppcc.edu(719) 502-3016
Deborah “Sunny” Schmitt PCC VP deborah.schmitt@pueblocc.edu(719) 549-3175
Vicki Golich MSU Denver Provost vgolich@msudenver.edu(303) 556-3040
Rhonda Epper CCD Interim Provost rhonda.epper@ccd.edu(970) 352-3221
Richard Hanks AIMS Dean richard.hanks@aims.edu(970) 339-6513
Michael Bevis EGTC Dean michael.bevis@emilygriffith.edu(720) 423-4979
Cheryl Sanchez LCC VP cheryl.sanchez@lamarcc.edu(719) 336-1516
Devon Sheldon Coombe CAEL representative dscoombe@cael.org(303) 804-4660
Advisory Committee
Name Title Contact Email
Bill Gundry Employer FRCC - Woodward wgundr@woodward.com(970) 482-5822 (main)
Dave Jeffrey Employer PPCC - JPM prototype djeffrey@jpmprototype.com(719) 522-959
Trevor Thorne Employer CCD - Alfred Mfg
Seth Joraanstad Employer RRCC - Barber-Nichols Inc
Ray Luscombe Employer Metro - B&B Machine and Grinding Service bb.ray@Qwestoffice.net(303) 744-2751
Peter Hancock Employer EGTC - Aerotek phancock@aerotek.com
David Light Employer PCC - EVRAZ david.light@evrazincna.com(719) 251-0028
Employer AIMS - Leprino
Robert Krum Employer LCC - Airgas Robert.krum@airgas.com(719) 336-4439 (store)
Bob Geoffrey Employer CCD - - Davis Manufacturing
Emily Lesh CWDC emily.lesh@state.co.us(303)318-8113
Susan Kannel CAEL skannel@cael.org(303) 804-4664
Devon Sheldon Coombe CAEL dscoombe@cael.org(303) 804-4660
Bruce Beardsley Aims CC CHAMP Project Manager & Employer Outreach Coordinator bruce.beardsley@aims.edu(970)339-6265
John Mangin Aims CC Faculty for curriculum development john.mangin@aims.edu(970)339-6413
Christopher Budden CCD Alternate Lead christopher.budden@ccd.edu(303)352-3221
Tony Rubino CCD Faculty for curriculum development anthony.rubino@ccd.edu(303)853-9517
Jody Allen-Smith EGTC CHAMP Project Manager jody.allen.smith@emilygriffith.edu(720)423-8994
Ruth Meese FRCC CHAMP Project Lead ruth.meese@frontrange.edu(303)678-3698
Curtis Turner LCC CHAMP Project Manager curtis.turner@lamarcc.edu(719)688-8860
Steven Long MSU-Denver Project Manager slong25@msudenver.edu(720) 323-1638
Mingli He MSU-Denver Alternate Lead 1 & Faculty he@msudenver.edu(303) 556-2975
Mike Couillard PPCC CHAMP Project Manager mike.couillard@ppcc.edu(719) 502-3532
Jim Kynor PPCC Alternate Lead 1 james.kynor@ppcc.edu(719) 502-3185
Amy Rye PCC CHAMP Project Manager amy.rye@pueblocc.edu(719) 549-3156
Pam Packer RRCC CHAMP Project Manager pamela.packer@rrcc.edu(303)914-6753

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