Local Community Notifications


CCHE Policy for Service Areas of Colorado Public Institutions of Higher Education

CCCS Procedure SP 9-40a – CCCS Designated Statewide Service Areas Principles and Guidelines

Clarification of 2022 Policy Updates

  1. As per Board policy, the service area for each and every CCCS college is state-wide as of October 2022. Old service area boundaries no longer exist.
  2. Local Education Providers (LEPs) are free to decide which college(s) they wish to partner with for CE programs.
  3. Colleges have no authority over whether to permit or deny LEPs choosing another college.

Local Community Notifications

CCCS Colleges

CCCS Colleges desiring to offer courses in another college’s local community must complete a local community notification form. A notification form must be signed by each institution’s President and submitted to CCCS for record keeping. Courses are not to be offered until both institutions have signed the form and notified CCCS.

Please submit any questions regarding this process to Marty.Goldberg@cccs.edu