Concerns Hotline

Report concerns of fraud or unethical activity anonymously

The Concerns Hotline allows students, employees, and visitors to report instances involving noncompliance with law or policy. The hotline also allows for anonymous reporting, helps promote confidentiality, and provides safeguards against retaliation. Reports that relate to personnel grievance matters will be referred to the colleges and handled in accordance with established college practices.

CCCS is the managerial operation for the State Board for Community College and Occupational Education (SBCCOE), which is the governing authority over thirteen (13) community colleges.

The SBCCOE has established policies that give employees and students within CCCS a mechanism by which grievances can be resolved at their college. Each college is responsible for carrying out those grievance procedures locally. For details on the grievance process, refer to the following:

  • BP/ SP 3-50 series on employee grievances
  • BP/ SP 4-31 series on student grievances

Proper Uses of the Hotline

The Concerns Hotline may be used to report any instance of noncompliance with a federal, state, or local law or regulation; other legal obligation; or any policy or procedure violation.

The following are examples of noncompliance that may be reported through the compliance hotline. The following list is not all inclusive.

  • Conflicts of interest or other unethical practices;
  • Financial reporting or accounting irregularities;
  • Fraud, theft, or embezzlement;
  • Safety or environmental problems;
  • Discrimination or Harassment pursuant to Civil Rights Laws;
  • Threats to information security or data privacy;
  • Unauthorized use of intellectual property;
  • Violation of grant regulations or the Uniform Grant Guidance;
  • Violation of tax laws or IRS regulations; and
  • Misuse of State resources.