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The Colorado Community College System is committed to continuously engaging in partnerships to promote student success and serve the workforce needs of our communities.

CCCS strives to be the partner of choice for Colorado businesses. We work to cultivate relationships with statewide non-profit organizations, businesses, economic development councils, workforce development boards, and state agencies to develop comprehensive solutions to meet workforce demands.

Grant Programs

Partner with us to access valuable grant programs that support workforce development. Our grants help meet the needs of businesses and communities by providing funding for training and development.

Create an 

Partner with us to develop a customized apprenticeship program. Gain access to skilled workers trained to meet your specific business needs.

Post a Job
 or Internship

Connect with talented students and recent graduates. Post your job or internship opportunities to find the perfect fit for your team.

Reach Out
the Team

Have questions or need assistance? Contact our team for support and guidance on how we can help meet your business goals.

Highlighted Workforce Initiatives

  • Workforce Education and Training
    • Workforce Incentives and Grantmaking
    • Customized Workforce Training
    • Industry Recognized Credentials
  • Business Engagement and Partnership
  • Work-based learning
    • Apprenticeships
  • Credit for Prior Learning
  • Career Pathways

Workforce development collaboration at CCCS is achieved through multiple committees and groups, including the Workforce Development Committee, Skill Advance College Representatives Group, Apprenticeship Community of Practice, and Cyber SME Group.

CCCS, Skillful, and the Colorado Workforce Development Council have partnered with SkillsEngine to bring the Calibrate tool to Colorado, building job profiles in healthcare and behavioral health to support CO-HELPS and Colorado career pathways work. Calibrate is being funded by Skillful and CO-HELPS, a workforce solution grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

Subject Matter Experts can participate in job profile validation efforts by visiting Colorado Industry Career Pathway Validation.

Questions? Contact the Workforce Development Team

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