We’re Changing the Way Colorado Goes to College

Our Pledge to Colorado:
As the state’s largest provider of post-secondary education and training, we pledge to keep tuition low, quality high, and to deliver skilled talent to the workforce.

Bridging Education & Industry

Since the creation of the Colorado Community College System in 1967, the System has grown to 13 colleges with 35+ locations – serving 115,000 students each year through:

  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Certificate Programs
  • Transfer Programs
  • Associate Degree Programs
  • Bachelor Degree Programs
  • 1 Master’s Degree Program
  • Customized Employee Training

Our colleges are vital to the future of our state and nation. They play a key role in economic growth and cultural vitality. We support those students that have limited resources, ethnic and racial minorities, refugees, veterans, and working parents. We also help first-generation students and others who are not well served by traditional education models.

Learn About Our Initiatives

Advocacy & State Government Relations

We work hard to represent CCCS’s interests to state leaders and policy makers through comprehensive advocacy and outreach initiatives.

Conferences & Events

From providing low-cost meeting spaces for local organizations, to sponsoring our own educational events, CCCS is investing in thought-leadership in our community.

A woman standing at a podium

Research & Data

The CCCS Office of Institutional Research archives and maintains student data and coordinates college data collection and reporting to meet state and federal requirements. 

Workforce Development

CCCS partners with local businesses to enhance skills and boost economic growth.

Female student standing in mechanic shop smiling

Education for the Future

Explore the rich history of the Colorado Community College System (CCCS). Learn how we have grown and evolved to serve over 115,000 students each year through accessible and innovative education.

Meet the Chancellor

Joe Garcia

During my career in higher education, I have learned so much from the students who come to our colleges with big dreams, but often limited resources. With dedicated faculty and staff, we can help them reach their goals, support their families, and give back to their communities. I am excited to play a role in that process.

Joe GarciaChancellorColorado Community College System