Graphic with text that reads, "Albanie Cordova Propels Academic Career in Early College Program at Pueblo Community College" and features Albanie's headshot.

Original article published on Pueblo Community College website on December 15,  2023. Written by Amy Matthew.

Seizing Opportunities Amidst Academic Demands

Her school days already were demanding. Even so, Albanie Cordova decided to take advantage of an opportunity to accelerate her academic career.

Cordova is a senior at Pueblo County High School. She is a student athlete, member of the National Honor Society and a volunteer with a local nursing home and mental health organizations.

She also made the decision to become an Early College student at Pueblo Community College (PCC) so she could earn college credit while still in high school. Tuition for Early College classes is paid by the school district, so students and their families can save thousands of dollars on the cost of a college education.

Graduating Ahead with a Vision

Cordova will graduate in spring 2024 with an associate degree from PCC, in addition to her high school diploma. She plans to complete a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Florida National University, where she has committed to play softball.

“Early College provided me with a head start on college coursework (and helped) streamline my future education,” she said. “It provided me with a more challenging academic environment while taking advantage of educational opportunities not offered in high school.”

Unsurprisingly, Cordova quickly became involved in extracurricular activities at PCC, including Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Associated Student Government. She is the ASG president this year.

“I have been honored by and appreciative of this opportunity to lead and be a voice for the student body at the college,” she said. “It has helped me strengthen my communication and leadership skills.”

Cordova said she enjoys the campus camaraderie and diversity at PCC. She believes her early exposure to college will be an advantage as she moves out of state to continue her education.

Insight and Advice for Future Early College Students

She offers some specific guidance for other high school students who are considering the Early College pathway.

“Carefully research the program and course offerings, ensuring they align with your academic and career interests. Communicate with your high school counselor and college advisers to understand the requirements and potential benefits,” she said. “Be prepared for the rigor of college-level coursework, manage your time effectively, and take advantage of support services available. Lastly, ask questions and seek help if needed.”