Joslyn Bacon Takes “Every Opportunity” with Concurrent Enrollment


In just a few months, Joslyn Bacon will graduate with not one, but two degrees.

Thanks to the state’s Concurrent Enrollment program, the senior is set to earn an associate of arts degree from Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) after she receives her diploma from Moffat County High School this spring.

While Bacon is proud to reach this milestone, she’s even more encouraged by the personal growth she’s experienced over the last several years.

“I was a pretty reserved freshman. Going up to CNCC, I had to step out of my comfort zone,” she said.

Finding Her Way

Raised in Craig, Colorado, Bacon is all about giving back. She participates in her school’s National Honor Society chapter and volunteers with Dog Pack, a school club that helps first-year students navigate high school.

As she looked to the future, Bacon wanted to combine her passions for community service and healthcare and set her sights on a career in optometry. That’s when Bacon’s counselors encouraged her to take Concurrent Enrollment courses to get a head start on college.

“It was definitely a little scary,” Bacon said of her first Concurrent Enrollment course in psychology. “There were quite a few CNCC students who were full-time, and they were all really nice and welcoming. I think the size of CNCC helped, having a more tight-knit community.”

From there, Bacon was hooked, taking courses in algebra and sociology, among others. She also threw herself into college activities and even painted a mural of CNCC’s mascot on campus.

Unsurprisingly, Bacon has become one of Concurrent Enrollment’s biggest advocates.

“Most of my involvement is helping underclassmen find their way in the Concurrent Enrollment system,” she said. “Whether that’s connecting them with counselors or sharing my experiences with them, I’m helping get them on their way to obtaining college credit while they’re still in high school.”

A young woman with red hair, wearing a maroon sweater, smiles while leaning against a tree in a forest setting.

Even if a class is intimidating, you have people there who are willing to support you and help you along the way.

Joslyn BaconConcurrent Enrollment StudentColorado Northwestern Community College

Making an Impact

Bacon’s work has not gone unnoticed. This spring, she earned the Craig Campus Vice President Leadership Award, becoming the first high school honoree in CNCC’s history.

The recognition has only bolstered her confidence, she said.

“It’s really nice to get that solidification that what I’m doing is actually making an impact on CNCC and on the high school,” she said.

As she continues her higher education journey next fall at the University of Wyoming, Bacon hopes to inspire others to make the most of Concurrent Enrollment.

“Even if a class is intimidating, you have people there who are willing to support you and help you along the way,” she said. “Just take every opportunity you can and go for it.”

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