Photo of the Front Range Community College entrance sign and campus building. The sign features the college's name and a stylized mountain logo in blue. The building behind the sign has a modern design with large glass windows and a mix of tan and red brick.

Headshot of Hector Vargas

For Hector Vargas, the third time’s the charm. 

After a winding journey to higher education, Vargas is graduating from Front Range Community College (FRCC) with a degree in political science. Along the way, he joined the Student Government Association, served as a student ambassador, and even became the student representative to the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education. 

“Hector embodies some of the best things we see in our student body,” said FRCC president Dr. Colleen Simpson. “He’s hard working, persistent and he’s a dedicated leader.” 

Read his story and learn what’s next for Vargas on the FRCC website .