Graphic with text that says "Dr. Ayelet Zur-Nayberg, Featured on The eLearn Podcast, How can Higher Education better serve adult learners (25+)?", and headshots of host Stephen Ladek and CCCS's Director of Adult Student Success, Dr. Ayelet Zur-Nayberg.

Dr. Ayelet Zur-Nayberg, the director of Adult Student Success at the Colorado Community College System (CCCS), recently appeared on the eLearn Podcast from eLearn Magazine. In the episode, Dr. Zur-Nayberg and host Stephen Ladek discussed the importance of serving adult learners; common barriers to their success; and ways CCCS colleges are responding to those needs. 

Dr. Zur-Nayberg leads CCCS work with the REACH Collaborative, a Lumina Foundation initiative that aims to increase credential completion rates among adult students of color. Lumina awarded the CCCS Foundation a $1 million grant to test and scale solutions at eight CCCS colleges.    

Watch the episode below.