Laura Morsch-Babu, Colorado PERA director of communications

Guests conversing at the Governor's MansionThe second annual Commitment Excellence Awards ceremony celebrated 54 employees from across the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) for their contributions to the overall success of their college, students, and communities.

“The commitment of these individuals to our community college system is unwavering and impressive, said Joe Garcia, Colorado Community College System chancellor. “Without dedication of this magnitude, our collective pledge to provide high quality education for all Coloradans would be an unmeetable challenge. We are grateful for their dedication and commitment to providing high quality education environments for students across the state.”

The event, hosted at the Colorado Governor’s Mansion, was made possible through sponsorship from the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (Colorado PERA). Colorado PERA has partnered with CCCS to highlight the vital role Colorado’s community colleges and their employees play in the state, and continues its support of the Foundation for the fourth year in a row.

Laura Morsch-Babu, Colorado PERA director of communications

“We are thrilled to support the recognition of these deserving honorees who exemplify excellence and service throughout the state,” said Laura Morsch-Babu, Colorado PERA director of communications. “Hearing each of their stories and passions that motivate them in their role was inspiring.”

The 2020 Excellence Awards cohort consists of staff members from across Colorado’s community colleges who demonstrate a wide range of skills and passions. The awardees provide mentorship and career coaching to students, volunteer with campus and community organizations, and model professionalism, strong work ethic, and a passionate commitment to community service.

“Working a community college is a true calling, and today’s awards recognize that passion and drive that each of us has,” said Joan Anderssen, professor at Arapahoe Community College, who received the Jerome Wartow Teaching with Technology Award. “All of us make it our priority to provide students with a great education and the tools they need to be successful beyond the classroom. It’s an honor to be recognized and to celebrate my colleagues who are committed to that mission across Colorado.”

Many of the honorees are also advocates, leading innovative partnerships with businesses and other universities that contribute to increasing access and affordability of higher education and a healthy workforce pipeline in Colorado.

“It’s an honor to be recognized alongside so many of my peers and colleagues who are doing great work on behalf of our students statewide,” said Brittany Dudek, library coordinator of Colorado Community Colleges Online, who was honored as the Administrator of the year for the CCCS Office for her leadership in digital, open education resources and zero-cost textbook courses.

View the event program and all of the honorees below

Program_2020 CCCS Commitment to Excellence Awards

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Arapahoe Community College
Administrator 1.    Peggy Quinn Sturm Collaboration Campus Manager
Classified 2.    Angie Pendell VPIP Program Assistant
Faculty 3.    Nina Amey Computer Networking Technology Faculty and Department Chair
Adjunct-Instructor 4.    Jason Klobnak Music Instructor
Jerome Wartgow Teaching With Technology 5.    Joan Anderssen Economics, Finance & Investments Part-Time Professor
Colorado Community College System Office
Administrator 6.    Brittany Dudek CCCOnline Library Coordinator
Classified 7.    Patricia Dewhurst HR Specialist
Dr. McCallin Award for Online Teaching Excellence 8.    Krysten Rogers CCCOnline English Instructor
Colorado Northwestern Community College
Administrator 9.    Kelly Scott Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Classified 10. Brad Wollman General Facilities
Faculty 11. Erica Yantzer Director of Nursing
Adjunct-Instructor 12. Jamie Rotunno Dental Instructor of Dental Hygiene
Community College of Aurora
Administrator 13. Nnena West Director of Student Services
Classified 14. Lily Ryan Accounting Technician
Faculty 15. Daniel Schweissing ESL Faculty
Adjunct-Instructor 16. Tasia VanderVegt Sociology Instructor
Community College of Denver
Administrator 17. Tina Garcia Dean of Development and Retention
Classified 18. Sofia Hernandez Administrative Assistant
Front Range Community College
Administrator 19. Patrick O’Neill Facilities Director
Classified 20. Jeana Brammer Office Manager
Faculty 21. Mark Johnson EMS Program Director
Adjunct-Instructor 22. Jessica Koste Biology Instructor
Lamar Community College
Administrator 23. Robert Vazquez Information Technology Director
Classified 24. Tammy Repshire Custodian
Faculty 25. Kelly Emick History Faculty
Adjunct-Instructor 26. Bob Morrow Instructor of Health Care & Emergency Services
Morgan Community College
Administrator 27. Elinor Brown Manufacturing Pathways Campus Coordinator
Classified 28. Rashar Jackson Custodian
Faculty 29. Dr. Jason Glasnapp Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty
Adjunct-Instructor 30. Sherri Amen Early Childhood Education Instructor
Northeastern Junior College
Administrator 31. Melissa Bornhoft Asst. Dir. of the Monahan Learning Center
Classified 32. Doug Werner Structural Trades
Faculty 33. Clint Rothell Philosophy Faculty
Adjunct-Instructor 34. Madeleine Ruble Liberal Arts Instructor
Otero Community College
Administrator 35. Jennifer Johnston Controller
Classified 36. Pat Reed Physical Plant and Grounds Service
Faculty 37. Warren McClure Biology Faculty
Adjunct-Instructor 38. Denise Root CDPHE Project Director & Instructor
Pikes Peak Community College
Administrator 39. Rose Angry Veteran Student Success Coordinator
Classified 40. Steve Druckenmiller Custodian
Faculty 41. Michael Paradiso Culinary Arts Department Chair
Adjunct-Instructor 42. Jenyva Fox Zoology Technology Instructor
Pueblo Community College
Administrator 43. Mark Peacock Executive Dean of the Fremont Campus
Classified 44. Patty O’Halloran Administrative Assistant
Faculty 45. Kari Lee English Faculty
Adjunct-Instructor 46. John Webber Fire Science Technology Instructor
Red Rocks Community College
Administrator 47. Bob Miller Senior Coordinator for Contingent Employment
Classified 48. Jennifer Eaves Custodian
Faculty 49. Kelly Worden Biology and Science Department Chair
Adjunct-Instructor 50. Jeffrey Kaplan Philosophy Instructor
Trinidad State Junior College
Administrator 51. Yvette Atencio Human Resources Director
Classified 52. Darryl Vezzani Custodian
Faculty 53. Jean Alger English Faculty
Adjunct-Instructor 54. Ily Reiling Art Instructor