The State Board for Community Colleges & Occupational Education (SBCCOE) yesterday unanimously passed a resolution in support of Proposition CC, “Allow State to Retain Excess Revenue for Transportation and Education Measure.” The Colorado ballot initiative for the November 5, 2019 election would allow the state, without raising taxes, to invest that revenue to support three state priorities in equal proportion: higher education, K-12 schools, and transportation. If the measure passes, State agencies estimated that $300 million would be collected and distributed equally among each of these areas in fiscal year 2019-20.  Future amounts, if any, would depend on economic activity and there is no guarantee that there will be any excess revenues in any given year.

The Board stated in its resolution that the system and its member colleges would use the additional resources to support our key priority areas of access and affordability (keeping tuition low) and student success, with a commitment to a better return on investment for our students and our taxpayers.