Term Expires: 12/31/26

"Our Community Colleges are critical opportunity engines across Colorado. As a son of a mom who taught in community colleges and a father who attended one, I know how critical they are for families. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to serve my state to support these important community institutions."


Dr. Landon Mascareñaz is Vice President of Community Partnership at Colorado Education Initiative (CEI), where he leads community engagement, family partnership, equity, and policy initiatives. CEI (formerly the Colorado Legacy Foundation) plays a pivotal role in advancing critical initiatives in Colorado's public education system as a key partner to the Colorado Department of Education.

Landon is a regular writer and speaker on issues of education, family engagement and politics. He is thrilled to serve on the state board of Community Colleges and Occupational Education as his mom taught in community colleges and his father attended one in pursuit of his degree in construction management.

Prior to CEI, Landon led advocacy and partnership efforts as a Vice President at A+ Colorado, an action think tank focused on school districts to build momentum for educational change across Colorado. Before that, he helped lead family and community empowerment efforts at Denver Public Schools. He began his career teaching first grade on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.

He completed his Doctorate in Education Leadership from Harvard University in 2015. He is a Pahara Aspen Next Gen Fellow and a Flamboyan National Family Engagement Fellow.