Colorado Community College System Forges Engineering Partnership with CU Boulder


The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) and the University of Colorado Boulder forged a new partnership to streamline the transfer process for engineering students, expanding pathway options within the System’s Associate of Engineering Science (AES) degree path program. Through the partnership, CCCS and CU Boulder will offer the first Civil Engineering transfer program in the state, and CU Boulder will be the third university to sign onto CCCS’s Mechanical Engineering AES transfer track.

The agreement, signed in February, allows Colorado community college students who have earned an AES to transfer credits and complete their bachelor’s degree in civil or mechanical engineering at CU Boulder. CCCS also has mechanical engineering transfer agreements with the Colorado School of Mines and Colorado State University.

Through this partnership, students have a clear path to an advanced degree.
Dr. Landon Pirius, CCCS Vice Chancellor
“We are thrilled to have CU Boulder signing on as another transfer destination for our engineering students,” said Dr. Landon Pirius, CCCS vice chancellor. “Colorado is a hub for engineering companies, and we are focused on providing more education and training options to grow our state’s pipeline. Through this partnership, students have a clear path to an advanced degree while saving money along the way.”

CU Boulder joins the program as demand for trained engineers increases. Mechanical and civil engineering jobs are projected to grow by 25% and 27%, respectively, over the next decade, according to data included in the 2021 Talent Pipeline Report.

“As the flagship public university in the State of Colorado, we embrace our responsibility and are deeply committed to serving the students of our state,” said Chris Anderson, CU Boulder Director of Academic Success and Transfer Pathways. “CCCS is an integral and respected partner in helping us achieve our mission of access and inclusion for all students who aspire to be engineers and applied scientists, and we are honored to have the opportunity to continue building more streamlined pathways that allow students to pursue their highest academic goals in the most efficient way possible.”

To apply, prospective students should indicate their intention to pursue an AES on their application to a participating CCCS college; current community college students can talk to their advisor to switch to the AES track. All students should work closely with their community college advisor to ensure they meet university program requirements and transfer successfully.

For more information, visit the CCCS website.

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