BP 9-73 – Monitoring of Federal and State Programs

State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education

BP 9-73

EFFECTIVE: March 1, 2009
APPROVED: February 11, 2009

REFERENCES: C.R.S. 23-8-102 (Career Technical Act); P.L. 109-270 (Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006); P.L. 93-112, section 504


/ Nancy J. McCallin /
Nancy J. McCallin, Ph.D.
System President


It is the Board’s intent that the Colorado Community College System conduct monitoring activities of 5% of all sub-recipients annually to evaluate the effectiveness of compliance with all relevant rules and regulations that relate to a) the Carl D. Perkins Act, b) Career and Technical Education programs c) the Colorado Vocational Act and d) Compliance with Title VI, IX and Section 504 (MOA.)


This policy applies to the state system community colleges and all secondary institutions (sub-recipients) that receive federal and/or state career and technical education funding.


The System President shall promulgate procedures necessary to implement this policy.