SP 19-10 – Bullying/Violence/Firearms on Campus

Colorado Community College System / System Procedure

SP 19-10

EFFECTIVE: November 13, 1990
RETITLED: September 14, 2000
RETITLED: August 25, 2001
REVISED: August 20, 2003
REVISED: May 10, 2010
REVISED: November 13, 2019

REFERENCE: Board Policy on Bullying/Violence/Firearms on Campus, BP 19-10


/ Joseph A. Garcia /
Joseph A. Garcia, Chancellor


This procedure applies to all employees, students, volunteers, guests, contractors, and visitors within the Colorado Community College System (CCCS or System).


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure a safe and secure environment in which students and employees can achieve their educational and career goals without encountering violent behavior, threats, intimidation, or bullying. In promoting a safe environment, CCCS prohibits any unauthorized firearm, ammunition, explosive device, or illegal weapon on campus or any facility used by CCCS.


Violent Behavior: Any act or threat of physical, verbal or psychological aggression, or the destruction or abuse of property by any individual. Threats (including those made in person, by mail, over the telephone, by email, or by other means) may include direct or indirect threats in verbal or nonverbal form, intended to result or reasonably resulting in intimidation, harassment, harm, fear, or endangerment of the safety of another person or property.

Bullying: Repeated and/or severe aggressive or negative actions or behaviors intentionally or reasonably likely to intimidate, hurt, control, or diminish another person, physically, mentally or emotionally. Bullying may include direct or indirect communications in verbal or nonverbal form and specifically includes bullying by electronic means (i.e. cyberbullying).



All CCCS employees and students are encouraged to timely report bullying or violent behavior to the College or System security/police or College designee and, as appropriate, to outside authorities. The reports shall be forwarded to the Chief Student Services Officer (CSSO) or Director of Human Resources as appropriate.

 CCCS shall have jurisdiction to address bullying or violent behavior that takes place on campus, at the System office, or at System or College sponsored events. CCCS may also have jurisdiction regarding reports of bullying or violent behavior occurring off-campus or online if the CSSO/designee or Director of Human Resources determine that the behavior affects a substantial System or College interest.


A report of violent behavior or bullying involving a student or employee shall be investigated by the CSSO or their designee or the System or College Director of Human Resources, respectively. The CSSO/designee or Director of Human Resources shall provide the complaining party or parties with any appropriate resources that are available.

Reasonable action will be taken to ensure that persons involved in an investigation, or in providing information during an investigation, do not suffer any form of retaliation because of their good faith participation. Retaliation against anyone for good faith reporting pursuant to this procedure or for cooperating in an investigation under this procedure is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion for students and termination for employees.

Reports of violent behavior and bullying will be disclosed, as necessary, in order to conduct an investigation, protect the reporting individuals from possible retaliation, complete disciplinary action, and to provide a fair and impartial review process for all parties.


Persons in violation of BP 19-10 or this procedure may be subject to corrective and/or disciplinary action pursuant to applicable Board policies, System or College procedures, or other applicable laws.

Restraining/Protective Orders

Any student, employee, or visitor who has obtained a restraining/protective order that lists a System campus or facility as a protected area should immediately provide a copy to the College or System security/police or College staff designee. Other parties may also be informed when deemed necessary for the safety of the CCCS campus community.

False Charges

If, upon investigation, it is determined that a report was falsified or made maliciously, the individuals providing the false information may be subject to corrective and/or disciplinary action under applicable Board policies, System or College procedures, and other applicable laws.


Possession of a weapon is strictly prohibited except where authorized by law. Possession of a weapon is defined in Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S., Title 18, Article 12). The only CCCS employees that are authorized to carry firearms are:

  1. Persons conducting and participating in an approved program of instruction in College curriculum which requires access to such equipment as an integral part of the instructional program;
  2. Certified Peace Officers;
  3. Persons granted permission at the discretion of the Chancellor or College President for specific purposes; and,
  4. Persons carrying a firearm as authorized by law.

Any concerns about possession of an unauthorized firearm should be reported immediately to College or System security/police, College designee, or local police.

College Procedures

In conjunction with BP 19-10 and this procedure, College Presidents are responsible for developing procedures and regulations pertaining to the use of firearms as a part of a program of instruction. Additionally, College Presidents are responsible for developing procedures pertaining to carrying and possessing firearms in the residence halls and living facilities at their institutions.

Revising this Procedure

CCCS reserves the right to change any provision or requirement of this procedure at any time and the change shall become effective immediately.