SP 3-20b – Due Process Timelines

Colorado Community College System / System Procedure

SP 3-20b

EFFECTIVE: July 8, 1988
RETITLED: September 14, 2000
RETITLED: August 25, 2001
REVISED: November 20, 2002

REFERENCE: BP 3-20, Due Process for Faculty


/ Joe D. May /

S/ Joe D. May
System President


Following are policy and procedure deadlines and System President’s Procedures for implementing the policy:

July, annually Issue faculty contracts:

See Scope, page 1 of policy, and Definition of State Funds, Page 3 of policy.

September 1, 1988 Establish service credit records for faculty:

See Service Credit, page 6 of policy.

September, even years:

Elect peer review panel. See Peer Review Process, page 7 of policy.

October 15, 1988 Notify faculty of program area assignment:

See Procedure for Determining Program Areas, page 6 of policy.

System President’s Procedure:
Notifications should be in writing and a copy placed in the personnel file.

60 days prior to termination Give notice of certain reductions in force:

See Reduction in Force, page 5 of policy.

System President’s Procedure:
Notice of reduction in force should give reasons for the action and inform the employee that appeal rights and rehire rights are contained in BP 3-20.

60 days prior to end of Give notice of non-renewal. See Non-renewal, page 3 contract term of the policy:

System President’s Procedure:
Notice of non-renewal to a non-provisional employee must state the reasons and inform the employee that appeal rights are contained in BP 3-20. See Nonrenewal, page 3 of the policy, and Evaluation, page 2 of the policy.

When disciplinary action:

Give notice of dismissal, suspension, or as needed other disciplinary action at any time. See Dismissal, Suspension, or Other Disciplinary Action for Cause, page 4 of the policy.

System President’s Procedure:
Notice should state the grounds and inform the employee that appeal rights are contained in BP 3-20.

When openings occur:

Follow rehire procedures. See Rehire, page 5-6 of the policy.

System President’s Procedures:
Rehire within the Program Area. The college presidents will be responsible for implementation of the right to rehire in the program area from which an employee is reduced.

System-wide Rehire List. As reduced employees submit requests, the System President will establish and maintain a systemwide rehire list in accordancewith the policy. The list will be provided upon request to college presidents who wish to consider hiring from the list in lieu of following regular hiring procedures.

When hiring or changing program area assignments:

Give written notification of program area assignments to employees covered by the policy. See Scope, page 1 of the policy, and Program Areas, page 6 of the policy.

System President’s Procedure:
All notifications of program area assignments and/or changes in program area assignments are to be given in writing and placed in the employee’s personnel file.