SP 3-55 – Faculty Salary Plan

Colorado Community College System / System Procedure

SP 3-55

APPROVED: July 1, 2002
EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2002
REVISED: July 1, 2013

REFERENCE: Board Policy on Faculty Salary Plan, BP 3-55

/ Nancy J. McCallin /
Nancy J. McCallin, Ph.D.
System President


This policy applies to regular faculty members employed by the state system community colleges.


Board Policy 3-55 requires the System President to establish system guidelines for the distribution of annual salary adjustments.


The Faculty Salary Pool will be determined through the annual budget setting process.

The size of each college’s salary pool is dependent on:

  1. External decisions such as the System’s general fund appropriation, legislatively determined caps on tuition, and the budget allocation formula.
  2. System decisions based on general principles for allocation to the colleges.
  3. Internal college decisions based on each college’s goals for compensation in the context of competing demands for resources among college priorities.


Salary increases are merit based. Each college shall develop and make available to faculty a written statement of criteria for salary adjustments. The criteria used by the college shall include the faculty performance areas set forth in Board Policy 3-31, and must be reviewed by the System President.

Each college plan shall specify the following performance rating categories:

  1. Exemplary
  2. Commendable
  3. Needs Improvement

Only faculty members whose performance rating is “Commendable” or above are eligible for salary increases.

There are two categories of salary increases, base building and non-base building. Faculty may be eligible for either of these types of salary increase. Merit shall be the prevailing factor in all salary increases.


The factors for determining base building salary adjustments shall include Merit and may include:

  1. Equity
  2. Market place/demand

In allocating increases from the faculty salary pool, college presidents must develop methods to assess an individual faculty member’s merit in relation to a relevant peer group. The assessment must lead to differentiation in salary increases, at least between faculty members who receive different merit ratings. Performance planning and evaluation shall be the basis for determining merit increases.

Salary increases for equity and market place/demand may be awarded only in the context of ratings of Commendable or above.


Categories of non-base building salary increases shall include merit incentive pay and may include:

  1. Temporary pay increases
  2. Recognition awards

Non-base building awards will be structured to be PERA eligible and within PERA limits for increases in compensation. Non-base building awards are intended to allow colleges to increase recognition for Exemplary performance without adding to ongoing salary commitments.