SP 4-20a – System Financial Aid Procedure – Consumerism

Colorado Community College System / System Procedure

SP 4-20a

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2003

REFERENCES: Federal Student Aid Handbook, Volume 2 – Institutional Eligibility and Participation 2002-2003, Chapter 7; 34 CFR 99.31, 34 CFR 668.14, 34 CFR 668.41, 34 CFR 668.42, 34 CFR 668.43, 34 CFR 668.44, 34 CFR 668.45, 34 CFR 668.46, & 34 CFR 668.47; Public Law 101-226, Public Law 107-56


/ Joe D. May /
S/ Joe D. May
System President


This procedure applies to all CCCS institutions.


Each institution of higher education that receives federal Title IV funds is required to collect, publish and disseminate various types of information commonly referred to as consumerism requirements. These disclosures must be provided to a variety of audiences at various times and in formats prescribed by the federal government. Institutions agree to provide this information when the president of each college signs the Program Participation Agreement with the U.S. Department of Education.


Consumerism requirements fall under the following major headings: Basic Consumer Information Requirements; Student Right-to-Know Disclosures; Equity in Athletics; Loan Counseling; Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information; Misrepresentation; Campus Security; Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. While many elements of each of the requirements above are contained in the College Catalogs, Class Schedules and various publications prepared by the federal government, the following requirements are stated for each consumer group for emphasis.



Required Disclosures: Institution’s annual campus security report it its entirety (pursuant to CFR 668.46)

How Disclosure is Accomplished: Through publications, mailings, or electronic media sent directly to individuals. If a college chooses to post its annual security report to a Web site it must send each individual a notice through U.S. mail, campus mail, or directly to an e-mail address that 1.) Identifies the information required to be disclosed 2.) Provides the exact electronic Web site address; 3.) States that, upon request, the individual is entitled to a paper copy; and 4.) Informs the individual how to request a paper copy.

When: Each college must prepare and make the report available annually by October 1.

Individual College Procedure: State who, or which office, prepares the report and how current students and current employees receive the report (list publications, Web sites, etc.).


Required Disclosures: Notices about the availability of the following: 1) information on financial assistance available to students enrolled in the institution (pursuant to 34 CFR 668.42); 2) information on the institution (pursuant to 34 CFR 668.43); 3) the institution’s completion or graduation rate, and if applicable, its transfer-out-rate (pursuant to 34 CFR 668.45); 4) information about students’ rights under FERPA (pursuant to 34 CFR 99.7); and 5) information about athletic program participation rates and financial support (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act) (pursuant to 34 CFR 668.47). Notices must be sufficiently detailed to allow students to understand the nature of the disclosures and make an informed decision whether to request the full report.

How Disclosure is Accomplished: Each college must provide direct individual notice to each person. A college may provide the required notice through direct mailing to each individual through the U.S. Postal Service, campus mail, or electronically directly to an E-mail address. The individual notice provided to students must 1) identify the information required to be disclosed; 2) provide the exact electronic Web site address where the information can be found; 3) state the upon request the student is entitled to a paper copy; and 4) inform the student how to request a paper copy.

When: Each college must provide notice to each enrolled student. Immediately upon request, the institution must provide the full report.

Each college must prepare its completion or graduation rate, and, if applicable, its transfer-out-rate report by July 1, immediately following the point in time at which the 150% point for the cohort has elapsed.

Each college must prepare and make available information about athletic program participation rates and financial support (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act) by October 1.

Information on the institution and its financial assistance programs must be current.

Individual College Procedure: Please state who, or which office prepares each requirement above, how it is disseminated to the current student population, and list any publications or web site utilized to meet each requirement.


Required Disclosure: Any college that participates in any Title IV, HEA program and that has an intercollegiate athletic program must provide a report on athletic program participation rates and financial support (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act) (pursuant to CFR 668.47)

How Disclosure is Accomplished: Through appropriate publications, mailings, or electronic media.

When: Each college must prepare the report annually for the preceding year and have the report available by October 15.

Individual college Procedure: Please state who, or which office, prepares the required report and state how the requirement to inform the general public is met. Please list publications and/or Web sites utilized. (Please state “not applicable” if your institution does not participate in athletics.)


Required Disclosure I: Information on financial assistance available to students enrolled in the institution to include:

  1. The types of need based and non-need based federal, state, institutional and private sources,
  2. How students apply and how eligibility is determined,
  3. How aid is distributed among the students,
  4. The rights and responsibilities of students receiving aid,
  5. How and when aid is disbursed,
  6. The terms and conditions of any employment,
  7. The terms of, the schedules for, and the necessity of loan repayment and loan exit counseling,
  8. The criteria for measuring satisfactory academic progress and how, if a student fails to achieve progress they can reestablish eligibility for aid.

Required Disclosure II: General information about the college to include:

  1. The names of associations, agencies, and/or governmental bodies that accredit, approve, or license the college and its programs, and the procedures by which a student may receive a copy for review of the college’s accreditation, licensure, or approval;
  2. Special facilities and services available to disabled students;
  3. The costs of attending the college (tuition, fees, room and board, books, transportation costs, supplies and any additional costs that are program specific in which the student is enrolled or has expressed an interest;
  4. A statement of the requirements for the return of Federal Student Aid funds when a student withdraws from school, information about any refund policy of the college, and the requirements for officially withdrawing from the school;
  5. The degree programs, training, and other education offered;
  6. The availability of a GED program for colleges that admit students who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  7. The instructional, laboratory, and other physical plant facilities associated with academic programs;
  8. A list of the faculty and other instructional personnel;
  9. Who to contact for information on student financial assistance and who for general institutional issues;
  10. That a student may be eligible for Federal Student Aid program funds for attending a study abroad program that is approved by the home school; and
  11. The terms and conditions under which students receiving federal educational loans may obtain deferments while serving a) in the Peace Corps, b) under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act; and c) as a volunteer for a tax exempt organization of demonstrated effectiveness in the field of community service; and
  12. Information regarding the availability of Federal Student Aid funds for study abroad programs.

Required Disclosure III: Information about students’ rights under FERPA.

Required Disclosure IV: Notice about the availability of the college’s annual campus security report to include: a list of information in the report, a brief description of the required disclosures that would allow students to understand the nature of the disclosures and make an informed decision about requesting the full report, and finally the opportunity for the student to request a paper copy of the report.

Required Disclosure V: The college’s completion or graduation rate, and if applicable, its transfer-out rate.

Required Disclosure VI: Information about athletic program participation rates and financial support. Colleges that provide athletically related student aid must report three completion rates and three transfer-out rates, if applicable.

  1. The completion or graduation rate for the general student body,
  2. The completion or graduation rate for the members of the cohort who received athletically related aid (by race and gender within each sport),
  3. The four-year average completion or graduation rate for the four most recent completing classes of the cohort categorized by race and gender for the general student population, and for race and gender within each sport. Information that is required by sport must be broken down into the following categories: basketball, football, baseball, cross-country and track combined,
    and all other sports combined. In addition to the completion and graduation rates and the transfer-out rates, colleges must report.
  • The number of students, categorized by race and gender, who attended the school during the year prior to the submission of the report, and
  • The number of those attendees who received athletically related student aid, categorized by race and gender.

How Disclosure is Accomplished: Directly to a prospective student through appropriate publications, mailings, or electronic media.

When: Prior to a prospective student enrolling or entering into any financial obligation with an institution, the institution must provide its report on completion, graduation and-transfer-out rates. The college must immediately provide a copy of its full annual security report and/or their complete report on completion, graduation and, if applicable, transfer-out rates to any prospective students.

Individual College Procedure: Please state how prospective students are directly notified of the availability of disclosures I through VI above, and which office is responsible for providing the notice. State what publications, brochures, letters, etc. are mailed to the individual that contains the notice that meets the disclosure requirements. If utilizing electronic communication with prospective students, insure that a direct individual notice to an e-mail address is used and that it points the individual to a Web site address that contains the full report. If using a Web
site, then the notice must identify the information required to be disclosed, provide the exact electronic Web site address, state that a paper copy will be provided upon request and inform the student how to request the paper copy of the full report.


Required Disclosure: A College that is attended by students receiving athletically related student aid must produce a report on the completion and graduation rates of student athletes pursuant to 34 CFR 668.48.

How Disclosure is Accomplished: The information must be provided directly to the respective parties. It may be provided in writing or through electronic mail but not simply by posting it to a Web site.

When: The information must be provided at the time the college makes an offer of athletically related student aid to a prospective student. The report must be produced annually by July 1 for institutions that provided aid based upon athletics.

Individual College Procedure: Please state which office on campus is responsible for compiling and producing the report on completion and graduation rates of student athletes. Who is responsible for providing the report directly to those students who are awarded aid based upon athletics?


Required Disclosure: A notice about the availability of the annual campus security report must be provided to each prospective employee of the college. The notice must include a list of the categories of information required for disclosure as well as a brief description that provides enough detail from which a person could make an informed decision to request the full report.

How Disclosure is Accomplished: In response to an inquiry about employment, a college must provide direct individual notice to each prospective employee. The required notice may be provided by direct mailing through the U.S. Postal Service, campus mail, or electronically to an e-mail address.

When: The institution must prepare the annual campus security report by October 1 of each year. Immediately, upon request, the institution must provide the full report to any prospective employee.

Individual College Procedure: Please state how and which office at the college is responsible for providing a direct individual notice to the prospective employee. State what publications, brochures, letters, etc. are mailed to the individual that contains the notice to meet the disclosure requirement. If utilizing electronic communication with prospective employees insure that a direct individual notice to an e-mail address is used and that it points to the individual to a Web site address that contains the full report. If using a Web site, then the notice must identify the
information required to be disclosed, provide the exact electronic Web site address, state that a paper copy will be provided upon request and inform the student how to request the paper copy of the full report.


Required Disclosure: Drug and alcohol prevention information pursuant to public law 101 – The disclosure must include: information on preventing drug and alcohol abuse; standards of conduct that prohibit, at a minimum, the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students and employees on college property; a description of the sanctions for unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol; a description of any counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation programs available to students and employees; a description of the
health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol; and a clear statement that the college will impose sanctions on students and employees of violations of the standards of conduct and a description of the sanctions, up to and including expulsion, termination of employment, and referral for prosecution.

How Disclosure is Accomplished: Colleges must use a method that ensures that the required information will reach every student, faculty member, and employee. The college must ensure that students who enroll and employees who are hired after the initial distribution for the year also receive the information. (i.e. Mailing the required disclosure once per year in September to each college employee would miss those employees who are hired after that date.) Merely making publications available to those who wish to take them is not sufficient.

When: At least once per year to all students who enroll and all employees.

Individual College Procedure: Please state who, or what office at the college, is responsible for providing the information above and how the requirement to inform faculty, students, and employees is accomplished by the college. Please list the publications, forms and web sites used to insure that the above information is disseminated.