SP 9-72 – Transfer of Credits from Area Technical Colleges

Colorado Community College System / System Procedure

SP 9-72

APPROVED: September 1, 2006
EFFECTIVE: September 1, 2006
REVISED: December 16, 2015
REVISED: August 11, 2021

Reference: Board Policy (BP) 9-72, Transfer of Credits from Area Technical Colleges; C.R.S. 23-60-802 & 23-1-107(3)

/ Joe Garcia /
Joseph A. Garcia, Chancellor


Board Policy 9-72 requires the Chancellor to promulgate procedures necessary to implement the transfer of post-secondary credits from area technical colleges to any institution within the state system of community and technical colleges. This procedure provides guidance for the transfer of career and technical education post-secondary credits from Emily Griffith Technical College, Technical College of the Rockies, and Pickens Area Technical College (collectively, “Area Technical Colleges”) to all CCCS Colleges.


This procedure applies to the Colorado Community College System, including its Colleges (CCCS or System).


Requirement for Transfer of Credits
CCCS institutions will accept all post-secondary credit in transfer from students who have attended any of the three Area Technical Colleges in Colorado as outlined in this procedure. The transfer eligibility of credits earned at Area Technical Colleges will be verified through transcript evaluations administered by the receiving institution.

Transfer of Credits from Area Technical Colleges
A student who completes coursework at an Area Technical College may transfer any career and technical post-secondary course credits with a grade of “C” or better that was earned while enrolled in the Area Technical College to appropriate programs at all CCCS Colleges. These eligible career and technical credits may be applied to the requirements of a program leading to a certificate or to an associate degree at CCCS. Transfer is limited to Career and Technical (“CTE”) coursework.

In order to create a seamless educational experience, CCCS has implemented two additional strategies to assist Area Technical College graduates: (1) A statewide articulation agreement that allows Area Technical College graduates to transfer up to 45 credits to a CCCS College and then complete an A.A.S. degree in Applied Technology by completing an additional 15–18 credits of general education courses at the College; and (2) CCCS also collaborates with Area Technical Colleges to offer A.A.S. degrees that include CTE coursework from Area Technical Colleges and general education courses from CCCS Colleges.

These procedures do not address transfer issues where the State has limited legal authority: the transfer of credits from private, non-accredited, or out-of-state institutions or the awarding of credit for non-credit bearing courses.

Post-Secondary Program Approval
For community colleges, junior colleges, and technical colleges, State Board Policy 9-47, and corresponding Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) policy, requires that all approved programs (A.A.S., A.G.S. and Certificate) be evaluated at least once in a five-year period using the CCCS Career and Technical Program Approval Process.

The Colorado Standards for Career and Technical Education programs require that all A.A.S. degree programs and certificates must be renewed at least every five years for continued approval by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (“SBCCOE”).

Post-secondary credits accepted in transfer from the Area Technical Colleges must come from an SBCCOE/CCCS approved CTE certificate program.

Students should seek advice when transferring to CCCS from College advisors. If a student believes that they have not been treated equitably as compared to other transfer students, they should seek assistance through the College’s applicable complaint and appeals process. This decision will be final.

Revising this Procedure

CCCS reserves the right to change any provision or requirement of this procedure at any time and the change shall become effective immediately.