State Faculty Advisory Council and Faculty Shared Governance

BP 2-30

APPROVED: May 10, 1990
EFFECTIVE: May 19, 1990
REVISED: June 13, 1996
RE-REVISED: December 3, 1997
REPEALED: September 14, 2000
READOPTED: August 25, 2001

REFERENCES: C.R.S. 23-60-104


/ Joe D. May /
Joe D. May
System President

Policy Statement

The Board recognizes the need to develop procedures for selection of the faculty Board member and to maintain effective communication among the faculty of the colleges, the college presidents, the System staff, and the Board.


This policy applies to the faculty of state system community colleges.

College Communication

Each college president shall ensure that the college has a faculty forum through which all faculty members will be provided opportunity to communicate and actively participate in the making of decisions regarding matters which affect them.

State Faculty Advisory Council

A State Faculty Advisory Council (Faculty Council) shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board and to the President of the System and shall act in a liaison capacity between the college faculties and the Board.

Membership of Faculty Council

The Faculty Council membership shall be composed of one regular faculty member from each state system community and junior college. Members of the Faculty Council shall be selected by the regular faculty of each college in a manner to be determined by the regular faculty of the college. In the case of Colorado Electronic Community College, its Faculty Advisory Council shall select one of its members to serve on the Faculty Council so long as such person is a regular faculty member at a state system community college.

Faculty Council Officers

The Faculty Council shall elect from its membership such officers as it deems necessary.

Faculty Board Member

The Faculty Council shall elect one of its members to serve as the faculty member of the Board and to meet with the Board on a regular monthly basis in an advisory capacity without the right to vote or attend executive sessions. The faculty member of the Board shall have the right to make and second motion, participate in debate and serve on committee. He or she shall be compensated as provided in statute and may serve no more than two consecutive one-year terms on the Board.

Faculty Board Liaison Council with the Board

The Faculty Council shall advise and make recommendations to the System President and the Board on policies and other matters of interest and concern to state system community and junior college faculty.

Compensation for Faculty Council Members

Travel expenses by members of the Faculty Council to and from Faculty Council meetings shall be reimbursed by the System in accordance with policies and procedures of the state and the System president.


The System President shall promulgate such procedures as may be needed to implement this policy.