Admission, Continued Enrollment and Re-enrollment of Students

BP 4-10

APPROVED: February 14, 1991
EFFECTIVE: February 14, 1991
REVISED: June 9, 1992
REPEALED: September 14, 2000
READOPTED: August 25, 2001
REVISED: January 7, 2008

REFERENCES: CRS 23-60-101, 102, 103, 201; CRS 23-5-106; CRS 22-34-101; CRS 22-35-102, et seq.; CRS 16-11-212, CRS 25-4-901-907

/ Nancy J. McCallin /
Nancy J. McCallin, Ph.D.
System President

Policy Statement

Pursuant to statute, it is the Board’s policy that there shall be no admission requirements imposed upon any student except those listed below concerning proof of immunization. Admission to a college does not guarantee enrollment in specific programs which may have prerequisites designed to facilitate successful completion. Admission may be denied in accordance with the provisions of this policy.


This policy applies to all state system community colleges.

Minimum Age

Pursuant to the statutory definition of postsecondary institutions, it is the policy of the Board to admit students who are 17 years of age or older. The college president may grant a waiver of the minimum age based on extenuating circumstances unique to the role and mission of community colleges.

Denial of Admission Continued Enrollment, or Reenrollment

College presidents or their designee may deny the admission, continued enrollment, or re-enrollment of:

  1. any individual whose personal history and background indicates that his or her presence at the college would endanger the health, safety, welfare, or property of the college community or interfere with the orderly and effective performance of the college’s functions; and/or
  2. any individual who has misrepresented his/her credentials or background. Persons who seek enrollment pursuant to CRS 16-11-212 must be given timely notification of a denial of admission as required by the statute.

Proof of Immunization

Traditional aged students seeking admission to residential colleges must show proof of immunization as required by Article 4, Title 25, Part Nine CRS and implementing rules prior to attending on-campus classes at the college. Nontraditional adult students are defined as those students who have attained the age of 19 years of age or older.

Review of Denial

Review of a denial of admission or denial of continued enrollment or re-enrollment of students shall be in accordance with the college’s disciplinary procedures.


The System President shall promulgate such procedures as may be necessary for the implementation of this policy.