State Legislators by College

CCCS advocates for the interests of its 13 colleges, career and technical education, and workforce training with Colorado’s government. The chart below shows which state representatives serve in a district with a CCCS College location.

Unsure who your legislator is? You can search using your address or click on an interactive map on the Colorado General Assembly website.

SD 2Senator Jim SmallwoodRArapahoe Community College
SD 4Senator Mark BaisleyRArapahoe Community College
SD 16Senator Chris KolkerDArapahoe Community College
SD 20Senator Lisa CutterDArapahoe Community College
SD 26Senator Jeff BridgesDArapahoe Community College
SD 27Senator Tom SullivanDArapahoe Community College
SD 30Representative Kevin Van WinkleRArapahoe Community College
HD 1Representative Javier MabreyDArapahoe Community College
HD 3Representative Meg FroelichDArapahoe Community College
HD 28Representative Sheila LiederDArapahoe Community College
HD 37Vacant (Dickson)Arapahoe Community College
HD 38Representative David OrtizDArapahoe Community College
HD 39Representative Brandi BradleyRArapahoe Community College
HD 40Representative Naquetta RicksDArapahoe Community College
HD 43Representative Bob MarshallDArapahoe Community College
HD 44Representative Anthony HartsookDArapahoe Community College
HD 45Representative Lisa FrizellRArapahoe Community College
HD 61Representative Eliza HamrickDArapahoe Community College
SD 8Senator Dylan RobertsDColorado Northwestern Community College
HD 26Representative Meghan LukensDColorado Northwestern Community College
SD 27Senator Tom SullivanDCommunity College of Aurora
SD 28Senator Rhonda FieldsDCommunity College of Aurora
SD 29Senator Janet BucknerDCommunity College of Aurora
HD 36Representative Mike WeissmanDCommunity College of Aurora
HD 41Representative Iman JodehDCommunity College of Aurora
HD 42Representative Mandy LindsayDCommunity College of Aurora
HD 56Representative Rod BockenfeldRCommunity College of Aurora
SD 31Senator Chris HansenDCommunity College of Denver
SD 32Senator Robert RodriguezDCommunity College of Denver
SD 33Senator James ColemanDCommunity College of Denver
SD 34Senator Julie GonzalesDCommunity College of Denver
HD 1Representative Javier MabreyDCommunity College of Denver
HD 2Representative Steven WoodrowDCommunity College of Denver
HD 4Representative Tim HernandezDCommunity College of Denver
HD 5Representative Alex ValdezDCommunity College of Denver
HD 6Representative Elisabeth EppsDCommunity College of Denver
HD 7Representative Jennifer BaconDCommunity College of Denver
HD 8Representative Leslie HerodDCommunity College of Denver
HD 9Representative Emily SirotaDCommunity College of Denver
SD 13Senator Kevin PriolaDFront Range Community College
SD 14Senator Joann GinalDFront Range Community College
SD 17Senator Sonya Jaquez LewisDFront Range Community College
SD 18Senator Stephen FenbergDFront Range Community College
SD 15Senator Janice MarchmanDFront Range Community College
SD 21Senator Dafna Michaelson JenetDFront Range Community College
SD 23Senator Barbara KirkmeyerRFront Range Community College
SD 24Senator Kyle MullicaDFront Range Community College
SD 25Senator Faith WinterRFront Range Community College
SD 10Representative Junie JosephDFront Range Community College
HD 11Representative Karen McCormickDFront Range Community College
HD 12Representative Kyle BrownDFront Range Community College
HD 19Representative Jennifer Lea ParentiDFront Range Community College
HD 24Representative Lindsey DaughertyDFront Range Community College
HD 29Representative Shannon BirdDFront Range Community College
HD 31Vacant (Sharbini)Front Range Community College
HD 32Representative Manny RutinelDFront Range Community College
HD 33Representative William LindstedtDFront Range Community College
HD 34Representative Jenny WillfordDFront Range Community College
HD 35Representative Lorena GarciaDFront Range Community College
HD 48Representative Gabe EvansDFront Range Community College
HD 49Representative Judy AmabileDFront Range Community College
HD 52Representative Cathy KippDFront Range Community College
HD 53Representative Andrew BoeseneckerDFront Range Community College
HD 64Representative Ryan ArmagostRFront Range Community College
HD 65Representative Mike LynchRFront Range Community College
SD 35Senator Rod PeltonRLamar Community College
HD 47Representative Ty WinterRLamar Community College
SD 1Representative Byron PeltonRMorgan Community College
SD 35Senator Rod PeltonRMorgan Community College
HD 56Representative Rod BockenfeldRMorgan Community College
SD 63Representative Richard HoltorfRMorgan Community College
SD 1Senator Byron PeltonRNortheastern Junior College
SD 63Representative Richard HoltorfRNortheastern Junior College
SD 35Senator Rod PeltonROtero College
HD 47Representative Ty WinterROtero College
SD 4Senator Mark BaisleyRPikes Peak State College
SD 9Senator Paul LundeenRPikes Peak State College
SD 10Senator Larry ListonRPikes Peak State College
SD 11Senator Tony Exum, Sr.DPikes Peak State College
SD 12Senator Bob GardnerRPikes Peak State College
HD 14Senator Rose PuglieseRPikes Peak State College
HD 15Senator Scott BottomsRPikes Peak State College
HD 16Senator Stephanie VigilDPikes Peak State College
HD 17Representative Regina EnglishDPikes Peak State College
HD 18Representative Marc SnyderDPikes Peak State College
HD 20Representative Don WilsonRPikes Peak State College
HD 21Representative Mary BradfieldRPikes Peak State College
HD 22Representative Ken DeGraafRPikes Peak State College
HD 60Representative Stephanie LuckR
SD 3Senator Nick HinrichsenDPueblo Community College
SD 4Senator Mark BaisleyRPueblo Community College
SD 6Senator Cleave SimpsonRPueblo Community College
HD 46Representative Tisha MauroDPueblo Community College
HD 47Representative Ty WinterRPueblo Community College
HD 59Representative Barbara McLachlanDPueblo Community College
HD 60Representative Stephanie LuckRPueblo Community College
HD 62Representative Matthew MartinezD
SD 4Senator Mark BaisleyRRed Rocks Community College
SD 8Senator Dylan RobertsDRed Rocks Community College
SD 19Senator Rachel ZenzingerDRed Rocks Community College
SD 20Senator Lisa CutterDRed Rocks Community College
SD 22Senator Jessie DanielsonDRed Rocks Community College
SD 25Senator Faith WinterRRed Rocks Community College
HD 13Representative Julie McCluskieDRed Rocks Community College
HD 23Representative Monica DuranDRed Rocks Community College
HD 24Representative Lindsey DaughertyDRed Rocks Community College
HD 25Representative Tammy StoryDRed Rocks Community College
HD 27Representative Brianna TitoneDRed Rocks Community College
HD 28Representative Sheila LiederDRed Rocks Community College
HD 29Representative Shannon BirdDRed Rocks Community College
HD 30Representative Chris DeGruy KennedyDRed Rocks Community College
SD 6Senator Cleave SimpsonRTrinidad State College
SD 35Senator Rod PeltonRTrinidad State College
HD 47Representative Ty WinterRTrinidad State College
HD 62Representative Matthew MartinezDTrinidad State College
SD 5Senator Perry WillRNo CCCS College in District
SD 7Senator Janice RichRNo CCCS College in District
HD 50Representative Mary YoungRNo CCCS College in District
HD 54Senator Matt SoperRNo CCCS College in District
HD 55Representative Rick TaggartRNo CCCS College in District
HD 57Representative Elizabeth VelascoDNo CCCS College in District
HD 58Representative Marc CatlinRNo CCCS College in District
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