BP 2-15

APPROVED: May 13, 2004
EFFECTIVE: May 13, 2004



/ Patty Erjavec /

Patty Erjavec
Interim System President

Policy Statement

The board desires to utilize the expertise of the college President in addressing issues and challenges facing the Colorado Community College System. To that end, establishing a Presidents’ Council will help ensure clear lines of communication, clear levels of accountability, and collaboration throughout the System. This council will assist the Board and the Colorado Community College System-CEO in implementing regional, statewide, and local operational, education and workforce training opportunities.

President’s Council


The Presidents’ Council is responsible for addressing systemwide, programmatic and operational issues as identified and directed by the Board and/or the CCCSCEO; developing appropriate strategies, based on their analysis; and, following consultation, implementing changes or solutions as directed by the CCCS-CEO and the Board.
The Presidents’ Council shall also bring emerging issues to the attention of the Board and the CCCS-CEO.
The Presidents’ Council and the CCCS-CEO will be responsible for forming and administering System Task Forces as designated by this policy.


While recognizing the members responsibilities to their colleges and communities, the members of the Presidents’ Council shall have loyalty to the System and primary responsibility to provide impartial advice for system-wide strategies that provide affordable, accessible, and quality education programs to all students served by Colorado Community College System.
The Presidents’ Council will be made up of the Presidents of the 13 community colleges and the CCCS-CEO who shall serve as the Council Chair. All colleges and presidents will be bound by the decision of the majority. Relationship to System Staff: System office staff shall support the Presidents’ Council as assigned and designed by the CCCS-CEO.

System Task Forces


Ad Hoc interdisciplinary groups may be formed to address specific and timely issues as well as implementation strategies identified by the Board, the CCCSCEO, or the Presidents’ Council.


Membership of special task forces will be determined by the CCCS-CEO in consultation with the Presidents’ Council and may include faculty, students and outside resources as needed. The CCCS-CEO shall appoint the task force Chair. The task force will report to the CCCS-CEO and Presidents’ Council.

Relationship to System Staff:

System staff will be appointed to serve on or provide staff support to the task force by the CCCS-CEO.


The CCCS-CEO shall promulgate such procedures as may be needed to implement this policy.