Transforming Lives, Families and Communities


As the state’s largest provider of postsecondary education and training,

we pledge to:

Meet the Needs of Today's Learner

This is not your grandfather’s community college. CCCS colleges have evolved alongside business and industry needs to provide a range of programs, from short-term industry credentials and associate degrees to dozens of Bachelor’s of applied science degrees and even one Master’s degree.

Today’s learners also need options that fit their busy lives. Through pioneering technology projects, we’re reimagining online and hybrid education, training, and support services to make high-quality programs available to students in every corner of the state – and beyond.

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Drive Economic Mobility

At CCCS, we’re in the business of transforming lives, families, and communities. We drive economic and social mobility by providing thousands of career-connected programs that lead to high-skill careers, high-wage jobs.

We educate nearly half of all resident undergraduate students of color in the state—as well as those with limited economic resources, ethnic and racial minorities, first-generation students, working parents, veterans, and many more who have been historically excluded from more traditional and more expensive post-secondary models. Our colleges give Coloradans a foothold in a fast-changing world.

Read how Alana, a working mother of three, transformed her career and her family’s trajectory.

Solve Skills Gaps

The need for training and retraining for high demand jobs has never been greater. Several key Colorado industries—from healthcare to cybersecurity to aerospace—are facing worker shortages that threaten our future economic vitality.

We are perfectly positioned to help Colorado rise to these challenges. We provide nearly 1,700 short-term, career-connected postsecondary credentials that are affordable, accessible and get Coloradans quickly into family-sustaining jobs. CCCS is the partner of choice for business and industry—and a critical player for our state’s long-term success.

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Build a Stronger Workforce

No other system is as focused on building a competitive workforce for Colorado as CCCS. The vast majority of CCCS students are Colorado residents, and over 90% of our students stay in state after graduation. Our students are the backbone of our workforce and the heart of our neighborhoods, businesses, and communities.

Read about our T-PREP program training rural educators.

Source: Colorado Department of Higher Education

Keep College Affordable

We promise every Coloradan an affordable college education—one that will not saddle our students with mountains of debt. Our tuition is less than half that of Colorado’s public four-year colleges and universities, saving transfer students an average of $10,000 on their way to a Bachelor’s degree. What’s more, almost two-thirds of CCCS students who qualify for federal financial aid graduate debt-free, and we have saved students more than $5 million in textbook costs by leveraging open educational resources.