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Advocacy Resources

You can help our collective efforts to ensure our institutions have the resources they need to deliver high-quality, innovative post-secondary education and workforce training that is affordable for all Coloradans by staying informed and championing the good work we do for communities across the state.

Become a part of our growing community of advocates – made up of students, employees, alumni, donors, partners, and friends!

Spread the word!

Engage with your community about the value of education in today's economy, emphasizing the benefits of certificates and degrees. Highlight the affordability and quality of education offered by community colleges.

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Plug into apprenticeship, internship and externship opportunities for students.

Help equip the next generation of talent with the skills they need to succeed in your industry.

Learn more about our apprenticeships and ways to engage here.

Engage with your local community college.

Find out how you can support CCCS College efforts to provide more Coloradans pathways to a more successful future.

Explore our 13 unique colleges here.

Share your personal community college success story.

Help students understand – from an early age – the importance of finding a higher education pathway that supports their dreams.

Submit your story here.

Invest in the future.

Join us in empowering students to reach their educational goals by making a contribution to the Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges.

Learn more about how you can impact a deserving student's academic journey here.

Write to your local, state and federal representatives.

Tell them you support equitable, affordable, and accessible higher education and workforce training provided by Colorado’s community colleges.

You can find state and federal legislators by college region on our Public and Legislative Affairs page here.

What is Your WHY?

Share what motivates you in wanting to change the way students experience college and why you #SupportCCs.

Directions: Download this PDF, write in Your WHY, take a picture holding your sign, and post it to your social media using the hashtag: #SupportCCs.

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Don’t have social media or need assistance posting? We’re here to help.
  • If you are able to get as far as printing and taking a photo with your sign, email your image to us at and we will post it for you
  • If navigating technology isn’t your thing or if you don't have access to a printer, don’t worry. You can submit your why statement via email here: